Clip-Lok Returkasse

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The original, patented Clip-Lok Standard Return Box consists of plywood sheets held together by Clip-Lok QIK Clips in steel.

The folded box can easily be assembled without the use of tools. Once assembled,
up to 7 boxes can be stacked in height. It is possible to pack the box flat after use, with a space saving of up to 80%, thus reducing return and storage costs.

Clip-Lok Standard Transport boxes save you time and money while providing the best protection for your products during transport.


Yderligere Information


• Clip-Lok Expendable box is flat-packable and for one time use only.
• Clip-Lok QIK Plastic clips are provided with Clip-Lok Expendable box.
• A single person can assemble or disassemble Clip-Lok Expendable box in approximately two minutes.
• The height of a folded box, including a pallet, is 170-220 mm depending on the specifications.
• Sides and lid made of 12mm or 18mm of plywood which is FSC & PEFC certified.
• Build the box with the unique QIK Steel Clips.
• A pallet base along with 4 sides and a lid to close the box.
• Vibration, drop-testing, weather resistance, impact and pressure tests successfully approved.
• Smooth & clean surface.
• Low moisture absorption.
• Strong and flexible.


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